The Six State Perm Loop is a collaborative project to create a 10 segment loop of RUSA Permanent routes circling the New England States: MA, RI, CT, VT, NH, and ME. The goal is to create an enjoyable tour representative of New England for locals and tourists alike.

Riders can attempt the segments sequentially or piecemeal. The loop can be ridden as a single event over a few days or segment by segment over the course of many years.

Each segment can be ridden as designed or using one of the alternatives listed. Riders are encouraged to modify the routes to match their interests — the only obligation is use the designated start/finish location and the intermediate control(s) for segments that feature them. Irrespective of the route used, there is a fixed time limit to complete each segment, generally 7-8 hours. This corresponds to roughly a 9mph pace including stops.